April 2018

Spring in Colorado is time for procrastinating planting the garden, ski mountaineering, surprise pow days, biking on dirt, taxes, and climbing outside again. For me,... Read More

Summer ’17

In the first version of this email I promised it would be a monthly communication. That was in February. Honestly it’s a case of the... Read More


  I have only slept in my own bed 3 nights this month. My suitcase is beginning to feel like home. There are alway challenges... Read More


There is little more satisfying in life than to take an idea and turning it into something real. This is true for anything; a business,... Read More

Je Suis Charlie?

The day of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre I, like almost a million others (according the the #jesuischarlie hashtag), posted a clever icon to my Instagram... Read More


On a random whim a couple years ago I picked up a fuji poloriod camera that shoots tiny little 2×3 images. It was fun to... Read More

Cycle Incentive

Bikes vs. Cars is one of those issues that tends to get people’s panties in a bunch. It’s one of those discussions that invariably gets opinionated... Read More

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