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Gallery Opening

Evo was kind enough to let me hang some work on the walls of their brand new Denver Space. It is always such a rewarding experience getting to see my work in physical form. Though photography is almost always a collaboration between many parties to make a shot happen (athletes, producers, clients, and all the interaction involved with travel) the appreciation of photography is often a solitary endeavor.¬†Even if you’re lucky enough to have an audience for your work, there’s often a disconnect between the photographer and the viewer. Magazines offer the privilege of seeing your work on a printed physical page but there is a huge gap between those making the images and those viewing them. Online publishing closes that gap but there is something that feels slightly hollow about the shuffling of ones and zeros. A gallery is the closest a photographer usually gets to feeling the realtime feedback that stage artists and musicians get to feel. There’s something beautiful and fulfilling about watching someone interact directly with your work. You get to witness the powerful transmission of emotion that is every artist’s highest goal. Thank you so much to everyone that attended the opening and to Evo for having me!



Evo Gallery


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