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Weminuche Packing

Packing and Anticipation

The struggle to live in the moment and make room for the future in the present.

Weminuche Packing

For me life has always been a constant struggle of ideas. Differing philosophies that shift and grow, overlap, mix, and merge. It’s challenging mentally and emotionally but it’s healthy. It’s more representative of reality than any black and white, cut and dried, simplification of the world.

Our brains are built to categorize and organize and our culture amplifies that instinct to put everything in its neat little place. Almost everything, both internal and external, is stacked against us building a nuanced multifaceted view of the world and how to look at life.

I’ve always had a difficult time finding a balance between the idea of living in the moment and incorporating a healthy dose of anticipation into life.

At the moment I have a pretty insane summer travel schedule stacking up: A train access multi day climbing and skiing trip into the San Juans, a sailing based photoshoot in Belize, a horse accessed ski and climbing trip from Durango, a travel company photoshoot on a river cruise from Amsterdam to Zurich, a dirt bike pack mission in Idaho, a photoshoot for Levis in Shanghai and Tokyo, a Mexican enduro bike mission, and I’m trying to be the first team to bike all the legal 14ers in Colorado.

Living in the moment is an essential skill but I’ve found that my reluctance to anticipate future events to be out of balance. Not only has it, at times, created a barrier in connecting with those closest to me but it robs me of an essential part of life. I’ve found that allowing an event, especially a pleasant or meaningful one, to reach into your consciousness and conversation is as enriching and important as remembering and reveling after an experience.

That said, it’s packing time for another trip into the Weminuche!

Here was the list from last year.


Skis, skins, poles, boots, axe
boot crampons, ski crampons, helmet
shovel, ski strap
harness, lockers (2), cord, rappel device
goggles, sunglasses
visor, hat, buff, ski hat
lip stuff, sunblock
1 liter platypus

shell top/shell bottom
puffy hoody layer
gloves – 2 pairs
tops LS-SS/bottoms-shorts
socks – 3 pair
sleeping pad- closed and/or open cell
sleeping bag
camp clothes
approach shoes (NB running)
personal items- toothbrush, TP, etc.
cup, bowl, spork etc.


megamid, betamid
Ropes 2-30m

Repair Kit
Tools- multi, torx
Zip ties/wire/duct tape/cord
Skin Wax
Rub on Daron Rahlves ski wax
Therm-a-rest repair kit

Large Jetboil 3 large isobutane
Whisperlite – 3 MSR bottle (needed two)
2 pots – 2 liter
S&P, Olive Oil, soap/scrubby
Aquamira, Sanitizer, lighters
4 liter dromedary bag

Route maps/photos
First Aid

5D – 24-105mm (used two cards, 1 battery)
GoPro(used 1 card, 2 batteries)
lens cloth

salt, advil, vitamins
Wet Ones
Bars- 7
Gels- 10
Chews- 1
Wraps- 5 PB/Nutella/Banana
two bags trail mix
Oatmeal’s – 10
Latte Via’s, via’s (5 each)

2 dinners
-burrito (ground beef, beans rice, guacamole, salsa
-tortellini, pesto
2 freeze dried nights

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